VW Transporter T5 Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels for VW Transporter T5

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RaceandRoad.com offer a large range of high load, full approved alloy wheels and tyres for the Volkswagen Transporter T5 Van. All our vw transporter wheels 16"-20" are approved up to the T32 model and 17" and upwards on the new 180ps version.

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More information about alloy wheels on Volkswagen T5 Transporter Vans:
The VW Transporter T5 is an excellent, well engineered and highly regarded light commercial vehicle. Used for both commercial and leisure, you should always be careful about fitting alloy wheels onto your vw transporter.

RaceandRoad.com are the most experienced company in the UK in the supply of high load, approved alloy wheels for the VW T5 transporter. Every wheel we offer has been tried, tested and approved for application for all models including: T26, T28, T30 and T32. Our suppliers: Borbet, Ronal and Autec also supply VW for their original fit wheels or their accessory wheels. We offer 16"-20" wheels for the T5, VW Transporter Wheels. Using our website, you can also view our wheels on your transporter and spec up your wheel and tyre package to your requirements.

Fitment Information:
The specific fitment of the VW Transporter T5 van is as follows:
PCD (Stud Pattern): 5x120
ET (Offset Range): 40-55
Centre Bore: 65.1 
Bolt Requirements: M14x1.5 Radius Seated. 

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The fitment information above about the vehicle represents fitments of the wheels approved for the T5. The offset is dependent on and measured relative to the width of the wheel, which is why it is a range and not a fixed number. The centre bore is fixed number and all of the wheels in our range are cut directly for the T5 application, where some companies may use spigot rings to bring a universal bore size down to the size you need, we do not, we cut specifically for the T5 just as volkswagen would fit. Retro fitting wheels not intentionally produced for a T5 is not advisable, often load ratings on the rear or both axles would not be high enough, you may experience vibrations at motorway speeds and without an approval certificate from a trusted source your insurance may not be valid.

Approval Certification: (VW Transporter T5 Alloy Wheels)
The company that approve these applications are a huge european application testing body called TÜV. In Germany it is required by law that any aftermarket product fitted to any vehicle must be approved by the TÜV and the appropriate certificates must be carried in the vehicle. The testing that all TÜV approved wheels are subject to include: Application of a wheel for a specific wheel model for use on a specific vehicle model, Load capacity test specific to vehicle model, Appropriate tyre size and load testing, Nut/bolt specifications and tentioning measurements. Other tests include: X-ray scans of every single wheel, UV tests for paint finishing longevity, Prolonged usage simulation testing to replicate long term usage and more. When we supply a wheel to you, we supply the TÜV approval certificate to you, this is because you may be required to proove that your wheels are suitable for use by your insurance company, especially in the event of a claim. We also supply them for your own pease of mind. Click here to see an example of a valid approval certificate >>

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